Brits embrace TOWIE tan as sales of dark shades soar

The orange glow of a fake tan-obsessed celebrity has long been the subject of ridicule amongst the press, but it seems the average Brit is keen to emulate the TOWIE look.

Brits embrace dark fake tan

Pic: Bauergriffin

According to new figures, sales of deep bronzing lotion now account for 50 per cent of Superdrug's total fake tan sales.

Solait Dark Tan, which launched last April, has proved such a hit with Brits that it outsells lighter shades by three to one at the high street retailer.

And as the cold really took hold during February, sales reportedly hit record levels as women embraced the Kim Kardashian or Amy Childs look as an antidote to the winter weather.

Until the launch of Solait's Dark Tan in 2012, a truly deep fake colour was only available in beauty salons, but clearly consumers up and down the country have been crying out for a shop-bought alternative, and the product, which contains double the amount of chemicals to create the darkest shade on offer, has been flying off the shelves.

Simon Comins, buying director for Superdrug, told the Daily Mail: "Kim [Kardashian's] deep-tanned skin is the shade our customers are aiming for."

If you're not quite ready for the permanent orange glow though, Solait has also launched a 'wash off' dark tan, enabling men and women to get a deep hue for one night only.

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