'Pretend' games outdo computer rivals in children's poll

To many adults, it may seem as though the average child is to be found glued to a computer screen, but according to a new poll, the land of make-believe is still the best place to be.

Children prefer imagination play to computer games

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The survey, by Sainsbury's, found that more kids prefer to play 'pretend' games than the video variety, and the majority still like to kick up their heels outdoors.

While 29 per cent of parents believe their children would rather be holed up with a games console, the truth is that made-up play is still the most fun.

In fact, a majority of 22 per cent of the kids quizzed said they liked to use their imagination to play, while only 15 per cent preferred the computer.

A fifth of the mums and dads polled said they spent 20 hours a week playing, but only seven per cent of parents said their own children were outdoors and active for that long, despite 64 per cent of the youngsters saying they enjoyed playing outside.

Though more than half of the adults felt that children were less active than they were in their youth, 45 per cent of parents and grandparents admitted they spent more time playing with the kids than their own family members had.

The poll was conducted ahead of Sainsbury's latest Active Kids initiative, which this year aims to extend the scheme to disabled children.

Mark Given of Sainsbury's told the Daily Express: "This research shows it is the simple childhood activities that span the generations. Regardless of what children are playing, the most important aspect is that they are spending time being active."

What do you think? Do your kids still prefer to be outdoors and active, or inside with a games controller in hand? Leave your comments below...