Brits' bags weighed down with £4k of tech

The average Briton is lugging just over £4,000-worth of gadgets around on a day-to-day basis, a new survey has found. According to research by insurance provider esure, British commuters typically carry tech worth up to £4,182, a £289 increase on just two years ago.

Brits carry £4k of gadgets

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On a daily basis, the average Brit is weighed down with as many as six devices, with 26 per cent carrying more than three high-priced items at any one time.

Topping the list is the BlackBerry, retailing at around £400, which can be found nestled in the bags of 46 per cent of the 1,000 adults surveyed, while 38 per cent carried a £2,200 laptop, and 20 per cent had a £449 iPhone 4 or 4S on their person.

A further 15 per cent regularly took their Kindle Fire HD (£159) on the daily commute, and the iPad Mini (£369) and Google Nexus 7 (£199) also made it into the bag.

London commuters were found to carry the most expensive gadgets, with an average of three devices totalling up to £866, while those in the East Midlands carried only half that value, lugging £433-worth of tech with them.

With so much tempting tech on board, it's little wonder that commuters spend an average of five hours and 42 minutes every day using their iPad or laptop, and up to two hours on their mobile phone.

And all this portable gadgetry means that the average Brit spends nine hours and 16 minutes a day gazing at a screen - some five hours longer than they spend engaged in face-to-face conversation with a friend of loved one.

Despite carrying bags essentially worth up to £4,000, 28 per cent of those polled said they were unsure whether their personal belongings insurance covered the cost of their gadgets.

Nikki Sellers, of esure, told the Daily Express: "We have become a nation of tech addicts. In light of this, we are urging workers to take extra care when carrying around their pricey belongings and to be vigilant on their daily commute. It is important for commuters to check they have adequate insurance."

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