Women offered biggest new car discounts

A new car is one of the biggest one-off purchases you'll make, and getting a good price is more than likely top of your priority list when you hit the dealerships. And according to a recent new report, it's best to let the woman do the talking if you're after the best deal.

Women get bigger discounts on new cars

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The undercover investigation by Auto Express magazine found that women are likely to get a better discount than men when buying a new car. But they'll have to put up with odd "sleazy compliment" to get it.

In a bid to discover how differently men and women are treated at dealerships, the publication sent one male and one female mystery shopper to buy the same car at several showrooms.

At six out of the ten dealerships investigated, the female shopper was offered a bigger discount than her male counterpart, while he was given a better deal at just two. The remaining two offered the same deal regardless of gender.

Male shopper Chris Ebbs reported that he was given polite service by five of the ten showrooms, but revealed that he was largely "ignored" by one salesman. But female shopper Claire Holden had an entirely different experience.

According to the Daily Mail, she said: "The salesman was quick to approach me, and paid me sleazy compliments before we'd even looked at the car.

"He went through every button and dial in the car, but when I wanted to talk money he just wanted to chat me up. It was as awful as it sounds."

Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief at Auto Express, concluded: "Dealers clearly seem to favour the fairer sex with their discounts. But while women may be able to negotiate a better deal, they may find - as Claire did - they're subject to long, patronising discussions in showrooms, with some sales staff even resorting to sleaze."

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