Secret Santa gift ideas for under £5

With so many Brits tightening their belts this Christmas, Secret Santa is a cheap and cheerful way to keep extended family, friends or work colleagues happy without breaking the bank. But if you're stuck for ideas, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect pressie for under £5.

cheap secret santa gift ideas 2012

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For stress heads
It's an oldie but a goodie - the Genie head massager (£4.95) offers spine-tingling stress relief for office workers, busy parents or anyone else feeling the festive pressure. Its weightless spidery fingers do all the work by massaging acupressure points on the scalp and neck for instant relaxation.

We've all had those head ache moments when only a chocolate hit or an aspirin will do - well, now you can combine the two. Perfect for grumpy colleagues or stressed out pals, a box of 30 pill-shaped choccies (£4.95) will almost certainly take the pain out of life's little stresses.

For home bodies
Amusing gifts aren't for everybody, but if you've drawn someone who enjoys chilling out at home, never fear. Give your Secret Santa recipient something they can enjoy in peace and quiet, like a box of Hanna Blossom Natural Soap Stones (£4.95). Not only do these smooth pebble-shaped soaps look great in the bathroom but they're functional, wonderfully tactile and Fairtrade too.

On the other hand, if you're buying for someone who loves nothing more than to get out in the garden, why not give a gift that grows? For just £4.95 Grow Me boxes are the gift that just keeps on giving. Everything you need to grow a mini Christmas tree, holly bush or even that seasonal favourite, sprouts, is in the box. Just add water and hey presto! They'll be in the festive spirit before you know it.

For sci-fi fans
If there's a Doctor Who fan in your midst, they'll no doubt be mighty impressed if you spend your £4.95 on the Eggsterminator egg cup. It's a Who fan's dream, providing the perfect opportunity to put on their best Davros voice AND a hearty breakfast.

Of course, even a Dalek at the breakfast table can't beat some real-life space food. For an out of this world eating experience, get them some Astronaut Food Ice Cream (£3.95 for a pack containing strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavoured pieces). Weird but slightly wonderful.

For doodlers
Hold onto your hats people - doodling just went 3D! For just £4.95, keep daydreamers and doodlers (and everyone else) amused with the Incredible 3D Doodle Kit. Simply take the red and blue pens, doodle away, pop on the retro 3D glasses and your sketch will magically turn into a scribble with depth. James Cameron eat your heart out!

On the more practical side, there's plenty of fun to be had with the Blackboard Brew (£4.95) - a mug that doubles as a chalk board. Supplied with its own chalk, it's the perfect gift for anyone drowning in Post-It notes.