Half of Britons swap Christmas tree for fake fir

Almost 50 per cent of Britons will be decorating an artificial tree this Christmas, as fewer than one in five homes will be adorned with the real thing.

Brits choose fake fir over real Christmas tree

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According to research by Which? just 13 per cent of Brits will head out to choose a real tree from their local garden centre, although five per cent do plan on buying a tree with roots that can be replanted and reused come next Crimbo.

By comparison, 49 per cent of householders plan on picking up a fake fir, with a further 19 per cent deciding on a truly artificial, coloured Christmas centrepiece in white or red.

One in seven homes will go without a tree altogether.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd told the Daily Mail: "Less than a fifth of people say they will buy a real Christmas tree this year. We've found that more than half of shoppers will use an artificial tree, which have vastly improved in recent years and need no maintenance."

Other factors may also play their part though - price is especially important to many this year, and with a six-foot Nordman Fir costing anywhere from £35 to £55, many may decide to spend their hard-earned cash on something that could last many years.

Some Brits may also feel that buying a reusable fake tree is ultimately the greener option.

But Harry Brightwell, secretary of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association, believes sales of the real thing are holding firm.

He told the Mail: "These figures from Which? are a real surprise to me. I respect what they do, but the feeling I get is that sales are fairly consistent from year to year."

Mr Brightwell also pointed out that Christmas tree growing is a carbon neutral business where old trees are "pulped and put back into the ground", saying: "I suspect it would take a plastic tree 1,000 years to rot away if it is dumped."

He added: "The real tree has a special fragrance, while each one is individual. There is also research showing that having a tree in the home can lift the mood and make people feel better."

Will you be buying a real tree this year or are you happy to spend your money on an artificial alternative? Leave your comments below...