What not to say in your online dating profile

Online dating has grown steadily in popularity since the rise of the Internet and today it is estimated that almost 50 per cent of Britain's single men and women are looking for love online.

Online dating profile dos and don'ts

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But for anyone new to the online dating game, that first foray into profile writing can be a daunting task. Of course, getting it right could be the key to meeting Mr or Miss Right, so if you are unsure about the no-nos, here's a helpful list of what not to say.

Keep it simple
That doesn't mean you have to keep it short, but spill your life story to a stranger and you're likely to get much the same reaction as you would in the real world. Remember, first impressions count so try not to give too much away in the first instance. While you want to grab the attention of all those desirable men or women out there with the interesting fundamentals of your life and personality, leave the details until things start to get serious.

Cut out the clichés
You may truly enjoy candlelit suppers and countryside walks in the rain, but let's face it - we've all heard it before. Avoid using clichés wherever possible. If you enjoy the aforementioned, try to think of a new and interesting way to put it, or talk about more specific experiences, like a recent trip abroad or your favourite book.

Stay positive
Nothing puts a potential love off like a negative attitude. For this reason, do not be tempted to list your pet peeves and extreme opinions. It can easily come across as judgmental and superior, and will have possible dates off faster than you can say 'I hate it when'...

Be open
By that we don't mean display all your personal details and meet up with the first person to say hello. But being open to new people, places and experiences is much more attractive than someone with an idealistic view of their perfect life or partner. Though pointing out that you would like an animal lover is fine, specifying hair colour, size or shape is a big turn-off to most. Be realistic and keep your options open.

In a similar vein, it's important to let all those lovely singletons know that you have time in your life to get to know someone new. It might be tempting to portray yourself as busy, you won't get a date if they think they'll always come second best to your job/family/dog/hobbies (delete as appropriate).

If you do one thing before you publish that profile for all to see, spell check it. Even if you can't spell and have no idea what apostrophes are for, there are numerous word processing programmes that can and do. According to eHarmony, misspelled or illiterate profiles are the single most common profile complaint from online daters so take a few minutes to check and check again.

Have you met the love of your life online? What are your tips for writing the perfect profile? Leave your comments below...