How to cut the cost of your mobile phone

Nine out of ten Britons now own a mobile phone and the ever-increasing number of handsets, tariffs and networks means finding the best deal can be a confusing business. In fact, according to research by analysts, 90 per cent of us are paying £200 more each year than we should thanks to the vast array of options available.

cut the cost of your mobile phone

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If your phone bills are mounting up, here's how to save some cash.

Check your usage
Before you are tempted by the latest iPhone or the offer of free minutes, texts or data, it's essential that you work out exactly what you are using your phone for. Hundreds of free minutes' call time is all very well, but if you're not using them each month, you're probably paying more than you need to.

Admittedly, sifting through the dizzying number of tariffs available can be daunting, but there are online services that can help. Once you've analysed your usage, try or to find the tariff that best suits your needs.

While most of the major firms lure new customers with tempting deals and offers, switching networks isn't necessarily always the cheapest way to go. The very same suppliers are also keen to keep hold of their loyal customers, and that means there's room for manoeuvre when it comes to renewing your contract.

As your current contract nears its conclusion, give your existing network a call to see what they can offer you - and don't be fobbed off. Customer retention is important so they should offer you a competitive package, particularly if you've already checked out the competition. Just remember to check how long you'll be tied into the new contract.

In all the excitement of receiving your new phone, it's easy to box up the old model and forget about it. Don't. There's money to be recouped on your redundant mobile and the quicker you take advantage, the more cash you are likely to make.

Companies like or all offer cash for your old phone so it's worth checking how much. Some networks will even buy back your outdated model if you ask. However, the money you'll earn varies greatly depending on where you go, so try Money Saving Expert's Mobile Selling Comparison tool to find out where the bigger bucks are.

Cut out costly calls
When you're on the go there are occasions when you need to call customer service lines or directory inquiries. But doing so will cost you a pretty penny.

The average 0845 or 0870 number, for instance, can cost up to 50p per minute from your mobile. Cut the cost straight away by downloading the free 0870 app or visit www.saynoto0870 for to find alternative numbers for call centres.

And if you've got a smartphone with unlimited data, you can forget about paying extortionate charges for directory inquiries. Both and provide numbers free of charge.

Have you successfully slashed your mobile phone bills? What are your top tips for finding the best deal? Leave your comments below...