Where to see wildlife in the UK this autumn

Britain provides some spectacular scenes for the keen wildlife watcher ​​​​​​​

Red Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, sat on moss, Formby Point, Lancashire, UK

Red squirrels
A red squirrel is a rare sight indeed here in the UK, despite being the only native species. Thankfully, there are still a few places where you can spot these beautiful creatures as they busy themselves preparing for winter. On the Isle of Wight, the Wight Squirrel Project provides a safe haven for these tufted tree-dwellers, away from the commonly-seen grey variety. Walks and talks are available to ensure you get the best chance of seeing one.

Red deer rut
The rutting season offers the chance to see Red deer, Britain's largest species, locking horns in dramatic style. And if drama is what you're after, it doesn't come much better than the Scottish Highlands. To see the best of the action, consider an Autumn Watch excursion from Highland Safaris in Perthshire that'll take you to see these magnificent creatures in all their glory.

Birds of a feather
Though there is nothing particularly spectacular about the humble starling, come the colder months and these diminutive birds put on a jaw-dropping show. Throughout the autumn and winter months, starlings will take to the air in huge numbers, in a spectacle known as a 'murmuration'.

Early evening, just before dusk, is the time to catch this awesome event, as the birds leave their roosts and form a fast-moving 'cloud'. A number of RSPB reserves, including Leighton Moss in Lancashire and Newport Wetlands, are good places to experience these impressive flocks, but you might just catch them at Brighton Pier too.

Grey seal pups
The British coastline is teeming with wildlife and a highlight for any coastal visitors is the sight of the grey seal. In Cornwall, grey seals can be seen all year round, but October is a peak time for breeding, so autumn visitors to the Cornish coast will almost certainly be treated to a view of the impossibly cute fluffy white pups. A number of firms offer boat trips or sea safaris that enable wildlife fans to see these endearing creatures... and you might even get a glimpse of a dolphin too.

Or take a boat out to The Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland and see the 23 species of seabirds, including 37,000 pairs of puffin and one of the largest grey seal colonies in Europe. Each autumn around 1,000 pups are born on the island, making it a very special time to visit.