Outrage over ebooks that cost more than hardbacks

Literature fans across the world have taken the e-reader to their hearts with remarkable speed, and there is no doubting the convenience of these handy gadgets.

ebooks more expensive than hardbacks

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Yet some avid readers may be surprised to hear that an ebook download isn't always the cheapest way to get your hands on the latest bestseller.

In fact, a survey of bestselling fiction and non-fiction from online retailer Amazon revealed that more than a third are more expensive to buy than their hardback equivalent.

Despite publishers freely admitting that they save more than five per cent on books sold electronically without the need for printing, many of the most popular titles are cheaper in printed hard copy.

For example, JK Rowling's latest novel, The Casual Vacancy, is priced at £9 on Amazon, with a discount of £11 on the publisher's price. But download the same book from the same site and you'll pay £11.99.

It's a similar story in the world of non-fiction. David Mitchell's autobiography, David Mitchell: Back Story, costs £10 to buy in hardback but to pre-order the ebook will set you back £12.99.

Publisher HarperCollins told the Daily Mail: "Our job as publishers is to seek to find the delicate balance between setting the right price for the consumer while simultaneously ensuring the author's interests are protected."

But some critics say the ebook market, which now makes up roughly 15 per cent of all books sold in the UK, should reflect the savings made by releasing titles electronically.

Tom Tivnan, from The Bookseller, said: A price of £2 to £3 off the average selling price, including discounts, would be a fair price that the public would be more willing to pay for ebooks.

"If you can get The Casual Vacancy for £10 in hardback, publishers should try to price the ebook around £7 to £8."

What do you think? Should ebooks be cheaper than hard copies? Leave you comments below...