Co-op to sell DIY divorce kit

We have grown accustomed to our local supermarket stocking everything from TVs to bananas, but soon Co-op customers will be able to buy a quickie divorce as part of their weekly shop.

Co-op to sell DIY divorces

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The supermarket brand is set to launch a do-it-yourself divorce package for just £99, allowing cash-strapped but unhappy couples to go their separate ways.

Instead of forking out for costly divorce lawyers, the new Co-op family law service will get the ball rolling for a fraction of the price and will be available through all of its 2,800 stores and 350 bank branches.

Those wanting to add legal separation to their shopping list can call the brand's legal hotline, and will then receive a step-by-step guide on dealing with the forms and handling the split.

And there are other packages available for anyone who just can't face the DIY choice, with eight kinds of divorce on offer. For instance, an extra £50 will get you a family lawyer to check the documents, or for an extra £150, warring couples can receive an hour of legal advice. A still reasonable £475 will buy the estranged pair a fully-managed break-up.

While it will no doubt appeal to those who are hard-pressed to find the cash for a solicitor, the scheme is not without its critics.

Sir Paul Coleridge, founder and chairman of The Marriage Foundation, told the Daily Mail: "Online and DIY divorces may make the legal paperwork quicker, but the breakdown of the relationship and its consequences are long-lasting.

"We want to see access to relationship support and education made even easier than online divorce. Where possible, we believe people should 'mend it, not end it'."

The Co-op has also considered its soon-to-be-married customers too, however, and will also offer brides and grooms a pre-nuptial agreement for the sum of £950.

What do you think? A good idea for cash-strapped couples or will it encourage families to take the quick fix? Leave your comments below...