Top gadgets for new parents

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of life's most exciting events... but it can also be a nerve-wracking time. Thankfully, the world of technology works tirelessly to make our lives easier, and that includes parenthood.

gadgets for new parents

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Family thermometer
Illness is one of the things that worries all parents, and for little ones who can't yet express exactly how they feel it's important to have a thermometer on hand to ensure all is well and alert you when it's not.

A family thermometer can set your mind at rest. These days there are plenty on the market, which can be used either for the ear or the forehead, and with very clear readings or warnings should they read an abnormal temperature. Try the TensCare Talking Family Thermometer, priced at £24.09.

Baby monitor
Another nervous time for new mums and dads, no matter how tired, are those early days of leaving baby to sleep. Baby monitors come in a wide variety of styles these days, and range from around £30 to £200. At the top end of the scale, the Luvion Prestige Touch Premium Digital Baby Monitor includes some impressive features, including 5m night vision, the ability to attach up to four cameras, out of range warning and a digital zoom function.

Baby food maker
As your little one goes onto solid foods, it's good to know you're giving him or her the right nutrition, and what better way than to make your own homemade baby food.

Now it's even easier to prepare healthy nutritious meals for each stage of weaning with a baby food blender. The Philips AVENT SCF870/21 (starting at £88) allows you to both steam and blend everything from fruit and veg to meat and fish, ensuring that all those nutrients are in place and the food is cooked perfectly.

For a cheaper alternative that allows you to blend pre-cooked food on the go, try the Wean Machine, which costs £20.

Bottle warmer
Heating milk bottles can be a bit of a chore, particularly if you're on the night shift. But bottle warmers make the job easier and don't cost the earth.

The Babytec version, for example, will heat either formula, breast milk or jars of food in just five minutes to just the right temperature, and has the added advantage of an auto shut off feature, all for just £12.99.

The Magic Bib
Bibs are an essential for any parent but all too often they're either rigid or too soft to keep your little one clean. Worry no more - the waterproof Magic Bib (£5.99) is soft so your child won't be restricted, but the pocket fixes to the highchair tray by way of a magnet, leaving your baby's clothes clean and stain-free... for a while, at least. Available only from GadgetBaby.

Have you recently become a parent? What was the gadget you couldn't live without? Leave your comments below...