Make the white choice when buying a car, say experts

You might prefer a more eye-catching hue but experts say white cars are the right choice if you plan to sell on your new motor.

white cars hold their value better, say experts

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According to valuation experts CAP, bright white cars hold their value better than their dark-coloured counterparts, and are typically worth five per cent more than the market average.

Where once the colour was labelled '60 day white' by dealers because of the number of days they sat unwanted on the forecourt, they have recently increased in popularity.

By analysing the trade market performance of hundreds of thousands of vehicles over a five-year period, CAP discovered that white models consistently came out on top.

At the other end of the scale were green, turquoise and gold. Surprisingly popular were bright pinks, yellows and indigos, but largely because such neon colours were associated with high-performance cars.

Chris Crow, chief editor at CAP, told the Daily Mail: "Over the last five years, black, silver and grey all performed consistently in line with the overall market.

"However, colours such as blue, orange and red underperformed while gold, green, maroon and turquoise were complete howlers, costing their unfortunate owners anywhere between four and six per cent against benchmark trade values."

He added: "However, it is white cars which outperform the whole market, beating other widespread colours like blue by up to six per cent and green by up to eight per cent, depending on colour-type and condition."

Mr Crow pointed out: "Of course, it works the other way too - for the used car buyer there are real bargains to be had if you pick a less popular colour because most of the depreciation has already occurred."

Are you fussy about car colour or just on the lookout for a used-car bargain regardless of hue? Leave your comments below...