Part-time evening courses

They say it's never too late to learn, and these days adult education centres, colleges and universities offer a huge range of part-time courses, from arts and crafts to languages and business. So if you're looking to develop your job skills, change career or start a new hobby, here are a just a few of the possibilities.

part-time courses in the uk

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Become fluent
Brits abroad are not well-known for their ability to speak the lingo but with the range of part-time courses now on offer, there's really no excuse. From Cantonese to Czech, Spanish to Swedish and Portuguese to Punjabi, it's possible to sign up for classes whether you're a beginner or already have a grasp on the language.

Business and computing
Whether you're the entrepreneurial type or determined to improve your job skills, there's a part-time course to help you. For the self-employed or business owner, a bookkeeping or accounting course will allow you to get your finances in order without the need for an accountant. And there are a host of courses for those who are looking to expand their computer skills, from CAD design to website creation, or even just the basics of Microsoft Office.

Be practical
If you're a DIY disaster or don't know a hammer from a chisel, fear not! Most adult education centres cater for those wanting to learn how to keep their house in order, from the basics of DIY to courses in plumbing, plastering, tiling and carpentry. Alternatively, sign up for a course in car maintenance and you could save yourself a fortune at the garage. You never know - if you find you have a natural aptitude for the practical, you could even turn it into a career.

Get creative
Art, photography and sculpture are some of the most popular choices for part-time students, but you don't have to draw the line at watercolours and still lifes. Check out your local college or adult education facility and you might just find something a little more unusual, such as Chinese brush painting or graffiti. In some facilities, it's even possible to take a part-time course in special effects make-up or TV presenting. So why not try something new and let your creativity flow?

Health and wellbeing
Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and that means there are courses aimed at almost any kind of healing you can imagine. Aromatherapy, reflexology and acupuncture are widely offered as part-time courses, while some centres offer courses in counselling, crisis support and psychology.

Be out of the ordinary
If none of the above take your fancy and you're seeking something a little more on the unusual side, you might just be lucky.

For instance, if you just can't enough of CSI and are fascinated by forensics, the University of Glasgow operates a part-time evening course dedicated entirely to Forensic Medical Sciences. Covering a range of topics including toxicology, forensic science and the law, it's not a professional training course but will give you an increased knowledge and a serious insight into what's involved.

Meanwhile, anyone with a problem pooch can get turn Cesar Millan and sort out their hound's issues with a canine behaviour course. In fact, when it comes to animals there are a range of courses on offer, including beekeeping, falconry for beginners and farriery.

And in these tough financial times, who wouldn't want to learn more about free food? With a foraging course, you can learn to distinguish your chanterelles from your death caps, and discover where and how to find tasty morsels without breaking the law.