Airport shops cash in on pricey travel toiletries

Airport shops are cashing in on holidaymakers by charging exorbitant prices for travel-sized toiletries, it has been revealed.

airport shops cash in

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Retailers within the UK's airports are taking advantage of those attempting to beat expensive baggage charges by pricing tiny toiletries at up to eight times their normal cost per ml.

The research, by holiday website, compared the cost of branded toiletries, widely available at High Street stores such as Boots and Superdrug, with their tinier airport counterparts.

The results revealed some staggering price hikes at Manchester and London airports.

For instance, a 150ml spray can of Dove anti-persipirant would cost the average high street shopper £1. But the handy-sized 35ml version sold at the airport costs almost double at £1.99.

And Nivea Sensitive shaving gel, priced at £1.89 for 250ml at Asda, cost £1.60 for 50ml at an airport WHSmith's.

It was a similar story across the board from mouthwash to hair gel.

The law prevents travellers taking more than 100ml of liquid toiletries in their hand luggage, leaving passengers who don't bring their own to fork out the extra cash for the travel-sized versions.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at, told the Daily Mail: "Whilst security regulations are tight in airports in this day and age, consumers can easily get caught out paying over the odds for their toiletries.

"We found over 30 products where the mark-up was 100 per cent - or double the normal price per ml."

Mr Atkinson had this advice for travellers taking just hand luggage abroad: "My number one tip is to invest in and reuse small bottles which you can decant your regular products into before you head off on holiday."

Have you been ripped off by airport shops are you a savvy traveller who already decants their toiletries? Leave your comments below...