Notting Hill Carnival 2012

After the big summer of sport many Brits will be feeling the need for a change of pace and a spot of relief from the tension of world-class competition.

Notting Hill Carnival 2012

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And what better way to end a fabulous summer than by celebrating Britain's multicultural diversity and party into the wee small hours at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Since 1966 the capital's most famous street festival has taken place on the August Bank Holiday and what was initially set up by the West Indian community in Notting Hill has now become the biggest celebration of its kind in Europe.

Preparations for the famed parade begin a full year before the Carnival itself, and the result is a spectacular display of colour, costumes and an atmosphere that's hard to beat.

Though its reputation has suffered in the past, these days the Carnival is not only family-friendly but attracts millions of visitors from around the world.

The sound of traditional steel drum bands mixes with modern-day sound systems and music, while the streets are lined with food stalls offering an astonishing array of traditional Caribbean flavour-filled food.

The Carnival takes place on Sunday 26 (children's day) and Monday 27 (adults' day) of August this year, with the main parade taking place on the Monday.

For the best and busiest atmosphere, Carnival revellers should head for the Harrow or Great Western Road, but the parade wends its way all the way along Chepstor Road on to Westbourn Grove before heading into Ladbroke Grove where the party, complete with impressive floats, ends its tour.

And as if the main event isn't enough, rest assured that the party will continue long into the night.