Survey of women reveals the high price of looking good

A survey of more than 1,000 women has revealed just how much they fork out for a lifetime of looking good - £84,000.

women spend £84k on clothes

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The poll, for deodorant Sure Women Linen Dry, found that the average lady buys 3,109 items of clothing over the course of her life, and that includes £14,000 on 271 pairs of shoes, £7,699 on 185 dresses and £5,420 on 145 bags.

Add 66 hats and nearly £6,000 on jeans and you're looking at a hefty sum.

The over-55s were the most frugal when it came to outfits, spending an average of £63,571, but the fashion-conscious under-25s were heading for a figure around the £130,000 mark.

Hardly surprising given that 41 per cent admitted to changing their clothes at least twice a day. A hard-working 10 per cent even confessed to buying at least one item of clothing or accessories each week in order to look fabulous for an evening event.

Unfortunately, it seems no amount of money spent can keep us girls happy because 60 per cent said they still struggled to find something to wear for work or for a night out.

Are you still splashing out on looking good or have you cut back on buying clothes? Leave your comments below...