Hungry Olympic spectators face a pricey lunch

Sports fans had better fill up with a big breakfast before they leave home and head to the Olympic Stadium this summer because you'll need deep pockets if you're planning to eat on site.

Price of Olympic food announced

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Yesterday, Olympic organisers Locog announced the prices for food and drinks for visitors to the London 2012 games, and it's fair to say spectators may find the cost of lunch and a pint hard to swallow.

According to the Daily Mail, even a simple snack will come at a premium, with a jacket potato with bacon and chicken priced at £5.80 and a cheese and chutney sandwich costing £3.80.

Hot meals are obviously on the pricier side - a portion of good ol' English cod and chips will go for £8 while Britain's other favourite food, lamb curry with rice, will set you back £8.50.

But it's the drinks that really push the price up. Bottled water is priced at £1.60, a cup of tea at £2 and coffee at £2.60. Opt for something alcoholic and you'll be forking out £4.20 for a 330ml bottle of Heineken (equivalent to £7.23 a pint), or £4.80 for a quarter bottle of wine.

Sadly, spectators hoping to bring their own fare are likely to be disappointed. The threat of 'liquid bombs' means Locog will confiscate any full bottles being brought into venues, while picnics and 'excessive' quantities of food are also out of the question.

There will be some respite for thirsty viewers though because empty bottles will be permitted and can be filled at free water coolers within the venues.

Locog chief executive Paul Deighton explained the pricing strategy to the Mail, saying: "We have gone to great lengths to find top quality, tasty food that celebrates the best of Britain. We believe that our prices are more than comparable to those found at other major sporting events."

What do you think? Overpriced or fair for a big sporting event? Leave your comments below...