British brides seeking cheap ceremonies abroad

The number of British couples getting married abroad has soared by 15 per cent, a recent survey has revealed. Research by foreign exchange provider Travelex, found that ever-increasing costs here in the UK is causing loved-up brides and grooms to look further afield for their ceremony.

More couples getting married abroad

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Of the 500 couples who took part in the survey, more than a third said they had already booked a ceremony in foreign climes, which means an estimated 80,000 Brits could head abroad to get hitched in the next year.

Unsurprisingly, money was the most common reason given for shunning the UK. Three out of 10 said it was at the root of their decision to marry abroad and some 30 per cent estimated they would save up to £5,000 on their dream wedding outside the UK.

One in three revealed they had actually cancelled their British wedding plans because of the rising costs.

Since the average cost of a wedding at home now tops £18,500, and a Church of England rate rise likely to add 40 per cent onto that as of next year, the number of overseas weddings is almost bound to increase. It is thought the number of UK weddings could fall to an all-time low next year.

Elvin Eldi, from Travelex, told the Daily Mail: 'It seems that the increasing costs associated with weddings these days, combined with the unpredictable British weather is driving many Brits to celebrate their nuptials abroad.

'With the pound at a 22-month high against the Euro and the likes of Spain and Portugal boasting less than half the average rainfall of the UK, it's little wonder we're saying 'I do' overseas.'

Of course, saving money wasn't the only reason for tying the knot elsewhere. One in three of the couples polled revealed getting married abroad was a cunning way of avoiding unwanted guests.

Italy, Paris and the Caribbean were among the most popular destinations for couples looking to start their wedded bliss abroad, while a sizeable 20 per cent went for a glitzy, Las Vegas do.

Are you planning to get married abroad? What were the reasons for your decision? Leave your comments below...