Strong pound means better value holidays

Wondering where to take the family on holiday this year? Chose to visit Bulgaria or Turkey and you're guaranteed sunshine and scenery – as well as a little extra cash in your pocket.

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The pound is stronger than many currencies this year, particularly the Euro, which means your holiday money will go further. If you opt to visit Turkey, you'll find that sterling buys 14 per cent more Turkish lira than last summer, but it's Bulgaria that may offer the best all-round value.

According to the annual Post Office Travel Money study, which added up the cost of the average 'shopping basket' of 10 purchases, such as food, alcohol and sun cream, the cheapest destination was Bulgaria. There, a three-course meal for two with a bottle of house vino costs £23.70.

However, some places, such as Portugal, Spain and Greece, aren't expected to offer better value for money due to rising resort prices.

Compared to last year, a basket of shopping in Bulgaria, including a meal out for two, comes to £42.79 - four per cent less than last year. In Turkey, it comes to £54.22, 22 per cent less than it cost 12 months ago.

The third cheapest option is Portugal at £54.46, which although offering good value, is actually 10 per cent more expensive than a year ago. The same goods and a meal out in Spain costs £56.84, an increase of 35 per cent compared to a year ago.

Back in Blightly, Brighton is the most expensive place to spend your summer holidays according to the study. There the same meal out and basket of shopping will set you back £79.25. In Florida's most popular resort, Orlando, the basket comes in at £69.41.

Where are you planning to holiday this summer? Leave a comment below...