Grooming tips for men

Whether you're heading for a job interview, a night out on the town or are keen to impress a special someone, looking good is essential. Where once a clean, pressed shirt and a dash of cologne was the norm, these days male grooming involves skincare, haircare and all kinds of lotions and potions.

Man shaving

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However, you don't have be a metrosexual man to take good care of yourself. Here are a few grooming ideas to keep you looking tip-top and hot.

A close shave
Unless you're going for the George Clooney look, a close shave is a must for a night out. As tempting, or necessary, as it may be, a quick shave rarely gives the best results so take your time and avoid unsightly nicks. Be sure to wash your face first, avoiding potentially irritating exfoliating scrubs, as shaving without a wash will trap dirt in the pores, resulting in lumps, bumps and blemishes.

Although it may not cut quite so close, shaving with the grain is the best way. If you struggle to get a really close cut, try straight after a shower as the steam will open the pores and lift and soften the hairs making them easier to cut. A preshave lotion will help moisturise the skin and ensure a good finish.

Facial hair should be just as well groomed as the hair on your head - keep it clean and trimmed. Unruly stray hairs that simply refuse to conform can be licked into shape with a little hairspray. Simply spray a small amount onto your hand and gently smooth over the offending follicle.

Potions and lotions
Post-shave moisturising is a must to retain smooth, supple skin and for many men, an aftershave gel or lotion is enough to keep it that way. However, if you suffer from dry skin it may be worth investing in a hydrating moisturiser that can be applied in the evening.

Do remember, however, that a man's skin is naturally oilier than a woman's, leaving it susceptible to enlarged pores and blemishes. An exfoliator can help to eliminate impurities, while a lightweight, oil-free cream that's easily absorbed will give your skin a little extra hydration. Avoid using shower gel on your face - most are far too harsh.

Hair today, gone tomorrow
The hair on your head might look fabulous but your latest do can easily be ruined by unsightly follicles elsewhere. Make sure the hair on the back of your neck is neat and tidy for a well-groomed look and keep a close check on stray nose and ear hairs.

The monobrow is a problem that affects many. If two have become one and you're uncomfortable with the look, use a tweezer to pluck out the central hairs one by one. It's time consuming, certainly, and it may not be the most pleasant sensation but it's a simple, at-home solution. However, there is no need to go the whole hog with a feminine, shaped eyebrow (unless, of course, you want to). Trimming long or unruly hairs will keep things looking tidy whilst retaining a manly brow.

No more nails
It's tricky for all you guitarists out there, we know, but long finger nails are rarely attractive on guys. Keep them neatly trimmed, use a nail scrubber to remove unsightly under-nail dirt and use an emery board to prevent them from becoming too thick and hard.

Less is more
Finally, if you're out to impress, don't be tempted to lather on the cologne. Whatever your chosen scent, less is more is most definitely the rule. Using the same brand for shower gel, deodorant and scent will layer the fragrance without combining into a dizzying mix of aromas.