Retailers cash in with Easter egg price hike

Supermarkets and other retailers are cashing in this Easter by pushing up prices of seasonal chocolate goodies, despite Brits across the country struggling to cope with the cost of living.

easter egg prices

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Research by shopping website revealed that chocolate Easter egg prices have gone up and up over the last two years, while the price of cocoa has dropped by a third.

The cost of children's favourites such as Nestle's Smarties Egg with Mug have shot up since 2010, with Tesco now charging 40 per cent more than two years ago, while the supermarket's own brand Milk Chocolate Egg Hunt Bag has doubled in price.

Similarly, both Tesco and Asda have hiked the price of the famous Lindt Gold Bunny from £9.99 in 2010 to £15 this Easter.

Chocolate manufacturers, however, lay the blame squarely at the door of the retailers and insist their own prices have risen only marginally.

A Cadbury's spokesman told The Sun: "While we sell our eggs direct to trade customers, it is the shopkeeper who sets the price the public pays."

Those with chocoholic broods are advised to embark on an Easter egg hunt of their own in order to track down special offers and multi-buy discounts ahead of Sunday.