No Smoking Day

Maybe you tried to give up at New Year and failed, or maybe you haven't tried at all yet - but either way today is the perfect day to stub out your habit because it's National No Smoking Day.

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Organised by a charity in order to encourage and support smokers in kicking the evil weed, the day has been an annual date on the calendar since 1983 and sees events taking place around the country.

The organisers claim that more than a million smokers around the UK will be trying to quit today - and if you fancy joining them then the following information might be of use...

Set a date and stick to it
It could be right now, it could be tomorrow or it could be further away - the important thing is that you draw a line under your tobacco habit in your head.

Write it out
If you write down all the reasons you want to stop smoking they will become more tangible. Whether you are doing it for your health, to save cash, to smell better or for your family - or all of the above - it will help you stay strong if you've written about it.

Keep a smoking diary
More writing, but this time documenting your smoking habit for a few days. Write down every time you have a cigarette, where you had it, why you had it and whether you enjoyed it.

This will not only help you plan for the difficult moments when you will be most vulnerable, but will also bring a bit more self-awareness to the subject.

Ask for help
Tell your friends and family you are giving up and ask them to support you. This will increase your ability to stay strong and resist the coffin nails.

You might also want to team up with another smoker and give up at the same time, providing each other with inspiration and support.

Be prepared
Get rid of all your tobacco, throw out your ashtrays and lighters and clean your house and clothes to get rid of the odour of stale smoke. You are going to be a non-smoker so you will not need these things any more.

If you think you need a helping hand then you may wish to consider nicotine replacement patches or electronic cigarettes as a short-term substitute, to take the edge off of the cravings.

One day at a time
Initially just focus on getting through the first day. It might seem almost impossibly difficult, but the sense of accomplishment when you manage it will be immense.

The next day will probably be a bit easier because you will know that you can do it. And after a week it will become significantly easier.

The withdrawal symptoms will start to fade after a couple of weeks and within three weeks you may be entirely craving-free.

Reward yourself
If you are not smoking then you are going to have significantly more cash in your pocket. Treat yourself to a nice meal out - which will taste better - or a new outfit to reward yourself for your achievement.

Remember, it's not going to be easy but millions of others have done it - and when you do you'll feel marvellous about yourself for having the willpower.

What's your best tip for quitting? Comment below...