Brits 'wasting £134m leaving gadgets charging'

People who leave their laptops and mobile phones charging for longer than necessary are losing a combined £134m a year in wasted electricity, it has been claimed.

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A survey conducted by energy firm E.ON has found that a huge 90 per cent of Brits leave gadgets permanently on charge.

One-in-five of those are worried about running out of power while one-in-10 are just too lazy to unplug them. The rest mostly forget or are unaware of the damage they may be doing.

The overcharged gadgets include mobile and landline phones, laptops, cameras, electric toothbrushes and handheld vacuum cleaners.

Pollyanna Woodward, presenter of TV's The Gadget Show, said: "There is clearly a lot of confusion about what's good for our electronics and it is astonishing that 90 per cent of people overcharge their gadgets.

"Overcharging a gadget can often do more harm than good. It can reduce the lifespan of batteries but, more importantly, it also prevents people from making easy savings on their energy bill.

"By spending a few minutes unplugging 10 common household gadgets when they are fully charged could save around £60 a year."

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