One-in-four Britons obese, most in denial

Plenty of us will be trying to embark on a new healthier lifestyle as part of our New Year resolutions right now, but new research suggests that too many obese Brits are in denial about their weight problem.

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An annual survey conducted by Slimming World has found that one-in-four Britons are overweight enough to be classed as obese - but that only six per cent think they are fat enough to fit into that category.

But at the same time around a third of the very overweight people surveyed felt it was the "most important" issue in their lives, while half of them felt "embarrassed", "ashamed", "disgusted" or "trapped".

Dr Jacquie Lavin, Slimming World's head of nutrition and research said: "Many people, including many health professionals, believe that managing weight is just about energy balance, and that people simply need to 'eat less and exercise more'.

"However, that approach can never work while so many people deny how severely their weight could be affecting their health by increasing their risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke – or while they struggle with the emotional burden of being overweight, which can affect their confidence in their ability to make lifestyle changes.

"As individuals, we need support to tackle the deep-rooted psychological issues around how we feel about our weight before we can begin to make those changes.

"When it comes to weight-management, it's as much about tackling deep-seated emotional and psychological issues as it is about providing practical help around diet and activity."

What do you reckon? Are you in denial about a weight problem? Comment below...