Green energy switch 'won't cost any extra'

Despite a mass of negative publicity regarding the cost of switching Britain to renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources, an official study has suggested that the cost would be the same as if we continue to rely on gas and coal-fired power stations.

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Professor David MacKay has produced a "cost of energy calculator" for the Department of Energy and Climate Change - which claims that the move to green energy will cost Britain around £4,600 per person.

That amounts to an additional £60bn every year until 2050 over current estimates of £3,700 per person.

But the big catch is that the cost of energy from fossil fuels is also expected to rise by a similar amount - going up to £4,682 per person per year.

The renewable energy plan supposes that 40 per cent of energy would come from wind, solar and renewable power, 33 per cent from nuclear plants and 25 per cent from gas stations.

If you're wondering why the figures are higher than your energy bill, it is probably because the totals include energy used on your behalf by the authorities and funded through taxation.

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