Fancy controlling your dishwasher with your phone?

We can't say it's a technological advance that we've ever particularly wished for, but nevertheless Korean electronics giant LG is planning to give us the opportunity to set our dishwasher off while we're still at work.

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The Korean company has unveiled its plans for a new generation of "smart" household appliances designed to be operated from our mobiles.

Washing machines, ovens and even vacuum cleaners (how does that work?) manufactured by LG will include what it has dubbed "Thinq" technology.

The intention is to allow users to either control the appliances remotely or to set them to operate at times when electricity is cheaper.

The company is also planning on launching a set-top box that allows customers to access web services on their TV by plugging it into a HDMI port.

This is intended as a rival to Apple's recently released plans for the iTV.

What do you think? Are you interested in this kind of gadget integration? Any ideas about the vacuum cleaner?