The new Christmas party must-have - reindeer

Wondering how to impress the neighbours with this year's Christmas bash? Take a tip from the A-list crowd and invite a couple of real-life Rudolphs along.

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Live reindeer are all the rage amongst the fashionable crowd and are fast becoming a must-have at this season's most stylish seasonal dos.

So popular are the animals, which first appeared pulling the sleigh in the poem A Visit From St Nicholas, that they're now even more popular than Santa himself.

Peter Fizgerald, sales director at Google UK, told the Daily Mail, "Over the last two years, searches for reindeer have overtaken searches for Father Christmas by five per cent."

Winter weddings and showbiz gatherings have boosted the reindeer's reputation as a festive favourite but you'll have to hurry if you're planning to add the real thing to your celebration.

Angie Flint, from Real Reindeer, says her animals are booked up well in advance and have been busy since August.

And if you're worried the livestock might not take well to their celebrity status, fear not.

"We take 10 of the males out," Angie explained to the Mail. "Usually in teams of two or four, and they seem to really enjoy the travelling - they just sit down in the livestock trailer and relax."

If their popularity continues to grow, it won't be long before they're making demands of their own.

What do you think - is hiring reindeer for a Christmas party a step too far? Leave a comment below...