Expats ditch plans to return to bleak Britain

Thousands of expat Brits are ditching plans to return to the UK insisting life is better abroad, according to a new survey.

expats won't return to britain

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The poll of more than 1,000 expats, by Lloyds TSB International, found some 15 per cent of those living abroad had changed their mind about returning home within the last year and a massive 69 per cent insisted they would never come back to Blighty.

Though the economic gloom covers much of the globe at present, many of those living abroad say the cost of living is lower, neighbourhoods safer and their general quality of life has been improved by moving to foreign climes.

Just seven per cent suggested they would rather be living in the UK, compared to 75 per cent who firmly believe life is better abroad.

A sizeable 64 per cent insisted their money went further in their country of residence and half of those surveyed said the cost of living was lower outside the UK.

More than 50 per cent also revealed that their new home was a better place to raise children.

Tony Cox of Lloyds TSB, told the Daily Express: "It's worrying that life in Britain appears so bleak to expats. But the UK has faced a catalogue of bad news in recent months."

With the country still gripped by the recession, a freezing winter rumoured to be on the way and fuel bills sky-rocketing, we can't say we blame them.

Are you a Brit abroad? Is life really better or are you itching to return to the UK? Leave your comments below...