Loving owners spark pet obesity epidemic

We Brits make no secret of the fact that we're animal lovers but when it comes to our pets, too much love can be detrimental. According to a report on the nation's pet health, our pets are now eating so many unhealthy snacks that we're on the verge of an obesity epidemic.

pet obesity epidemic

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The survey, by charity PDSA, revealed that 12 million family pets are treated to daily titbits including takeaways, cheese, crisps and cakes, leading to a rise in the number of fat cats and porky pooches.

And while it's easy to fall for those puppy-dog eyes and that endearing meow, many of us are blissfully unaware of the damage we're doing to our beloved pets.

Almost 50 per cent of the 11,000 pet owners polled said treats made their cat or dog happy and only two per cent felt bad about giving their pet a high-calorie boost.

Dogs clearly have the knack when it comes to snacks, with more than six million getting a taste for junk food. But cats were also found to have bulging waistlines, with five million also persuading their owners to part with crisps, biscuits and cakes.

In fact, so fond are we of feeding up our family pets that one in three British dogs are now obese.

Sean Wensley, Senior Vet at the PDSA, said: "With so many pets being fed inappropriate diets, the effect on their health is devastating.

"Many owners may think that their favourite treats are harmless to pets. This is not the case. Pets need diets that are suitable for their species, age and body-size."

Are you easily seduced by puppy-dog eyes and will you now think twice about feeding those tempting treats? Leave a comment below...