Brits get a taste for the exotic as 'superfruit' sales soar

Once upon a time it was all apples and pears, and the banana was a thing of wonder. These days though, we Brits have got a taste for the exotic and it's sending sales of strange fruits soaring.

exotic fruit sales soar

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According to industry magazine The Grocer, the number of Britons buying unusual tropical fruits such as persimmons and pomegranates is rapidly rising and sales have now overtaken the likes of mangoes, kiwi fruit and pineapple for the first time.

Supermarket giant Asda reports that it sold more persimmons (otherwise known as sharon fruit) than mangoes during the three month peak season last year and pomegranate sales are up by a whopping 26.7 per cent.

Though the total sales are still small, relatively speaking, the more unusual exotic fruits are expected to continue growing in popularity, while more familiar varieties losing out.

Of course, the good press the pomegranate has received in recent years may offer some clues as to its sudden popularity.

It is just the latest to be branded a 'super fruit' thanks to its powerful antioxidants, while the persimmon has long been thought to contain health-giving nutrients.

Dean Hayden, exotic produce buyer for Asda, said: "This is the fruit of the future. We sold more Spanish persimmons than mangoes last season. This highlights how much our customers love it."

What do you think - does the popularity of exotic fruits show that we Brits are unconcerned about buying local produce? Leave a comment below...