EU party poopers ruin children's birthday fun

Make the most of your child's birthday while you can because many party favourites could be banned if the European Union has it's way.

EU directive on party supplies

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Thanks to a new directive from Brussels balloons, party blowers, magnetic fishing games and toy lipsticks could be off limits and even babies' rattles will be a shadow of their former selves.

The new rules will forbid children under eight to blow up balloons, while the aforementioned toys will be banned on the grounds of safety regulations, and the noise of baby's rattle will have to be limited (though many parents may be grateful for that last one!).

Party blowers, a long time staple of the party bag, are now too dangerous for children under the age of 14, say EU officials, since small parts could come off and cause choking.

Similar concerns over children's musical instruments and traditional toys using magnets mean those too are deemed a danger to youngsters.

Babies' rattles will now be slightly muffled for fear of harming hearing and all soft toys for under-threes must be washable.

The new directive has just come into play... but quite how they will be policed is anyone's guess.

What do you think - health and safety gone mad or sensible measures to protect our childrens' health? Leave a comment below...