How to decorate your perfect bedroom


The bedroom is your haven - a room where you can escape, relax and dream. And that means when it comes to decorating, you should go as creative as you like.

decorate your bedroom

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Statement beds
It's the focal point and biggest piece of furniture in the room, so make sure your bed makes a statement. Head boards are easy to cover (even for the beginner) and can give the room a new look for just a few pounds. If you're bored of a painted feature wall behind the bed, try a wall mural, stick on decorations or even panels covered with stretched fabric.

Colour and fabrics
Smaller rooms will obviously benefit from a light, bright and airy feel so stick with paler hues, particularly if the room is not blessed with much natural light. A large wall-mounted mirror will help maximise the feeling of space and reflect light back into the room. Shutters can add lots of character but choose the style carefully as they can block out a considerable amount of light.

Big rooms that lack cosiness can easily be solved by adding a deep, rich accent wall or partitioning sections for different uses with a pretty screen. When it comes to choosing fabrics for blankets and cushions, think about layering different textures - such as silk, wool or hessian in similar shades.

Think about the space
When buying bedroom furniture make sure you measure the available space and draw out a plan of the room to spot any potential problems. It's no good buying a king size bed if you can no longer open the wardrobe doors!

If you are struggling for storage, a bed with underneath storage, a window seat with a lid or an ottoman at the end of the bed will offer extra hiding places. A wardrobe with sliding doors will maximise the space, as will opting for wall shelves rather than bedside cabinets.

Many furniture and DIY stores sell individual cube shelves, allowing you to position them creatively behind the bed. You could even paper or paint the back of each with a different design or colour, or add a stick on spotlight to each for extra effect.

For storage with style, invest in a set of pretty hat boxes or a traditional trunk or antique-looking suitcase.

For those with plenty of space in the bedroom, a small comfy sofa or cosy armchair will provide a place to get away even when it's not time for bed.

Much like the living room, the light required in the bedroom depends on both function and mood. Dim lamps are fine for romantic moments but not so good for rummaging in the wardrobe. A dimmer switch may solve the problem, and you can always add bedside and standard lamps for a cosier feel when the mood demands it!

Your bedroom is not just the place where you rest, it is your own personal and private space... it deserves a personal touch so take time to get it right.