Stress becomes the 'biggest cause of long-term sick leave'

Workplace stress has now become the most common reason for taking long-term sick leave, according to a new report.

stress sick leave

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Topping a list that includes stroke, heart attack, cancer and back pain, stress over the economic downturn and fear of losing one's job is putting workers under pressure and more and more Brits are being signed off as a result.

The report, by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, revealed that excessive workloads, restructuring in the workplace and the boss's management style are common causes of office stress.

Unsurprisingly, those working at firms where redundancies had been announced were suffering more than most.

Cary Cooper, from Lancaster University's management school and co-author of The Science of Occupational Health, told the Daily Mail: "Given the fact we are in a downturn, workers have an intrinsic job insecurity.

"There are fewer workers doing more work. People are suffering from presenteeism [working long hours to impress], which affects their home life."

He added: "Stress is the 21st century equivalent of the Black Death."

Though a comparison to the Black Death might sound a little over the top, long periods of stress is known to contribute to serious health problems, including heart disease, stomach and bowel problems, as well as depression.

Sadly things look like getting worse for British workers - a separate report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation revealed the weakest rise in job vacancies for two years.

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