Revealed: Homebuyers' biggest turn-offs

If you're struggling to sell your property despite a steady flow of viewings, it could be time to take a fresh look at your home because a survey by TV channel Home has revealed the pet hates that could be putting people off.

homebuyers' biggest turn-offs

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Topping the list were damp patches and cracks - sensible given they could be a sign of things to come - but everything from doggy odours to teenagers next door prove off-putting for viewers.

Third on the list were scruffy neighbours' houses, while road noise, dodgy DIY, dirty bathrooms and a pub next door all made the top 10.

Further down the list, teenagers living in the street, weeds growing in gutters, peeling paint and run-down cars outside the house had buyers looking elsewhere.

And the poll of 2,000 adults found that even a caravan in the drive next door or a pebble dashed exterior was enough to make buyers think twice.

The fussiest of house-hunters turned their noses up at net curtains, trampolines in the garden and mirrored wardrobes while a sizeable 10 per cent said they would not put in an offer if the property contained unmade beds.

Buyers also had trouble seeing property potential with a third of those surveyed admitting they unable to look past crazy paint schemes and household mess.

Commissioned by Home to mark the launch of Britain's Ugliest Rooms, the research gave more than a few pointers to sellers.

But show presenter Gordon Whistance advised buyers to look beyond the bad wallpaper and overgrown garden.

"Buying a home is the biggest purchase people are ever likely to make, so in many buyers' eyes, it needs to be perfect," he explained.

"But if at all possible it's best to try to look beyond what can be changed cosmetically and focus on whether a property is right for you, as rooms can be quite dramatically transformed with a little bit of know-how."

What's your biggest house-buying turn-off? Let us know below...