Student freshers unprepared for uni life

It's traditionally that first step into the big wide world but a recent survey has found few student freshers are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead... and we're not talking about their studies.

students unprepared for university life

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It turns out there's a good reason why students are so often portrayed as poor and hungry - many have no idea how cook, clean or budget.

The poll by Sainsbury's found that many teenagers are lacking in basic skills with 14 per cent unable to boil an egg and 11 per cent completely clueless in the kitchen.

More than a fifth of the 512 freshers questioned said they had never been food shopping alone and 13 per cent had never ironed their clothes.

Worryingly, their financial savvy left a lot to be desired too - more than 25 per cent had never budgeted for themselves, while 18 per cent have never heard of the term 'savings account'.

Of course, for most it is the first time paying bills and rent, and perhaps their lack of life skills is understandable given that 57 per cent have never lived away from home.

Natasha Virtue, from Sainsbury's Finance, said: "Living alone for the first time with the responsibility for studying, managing finances and making new friends can be a daunting prospect.

"We'd urge students to take time to think about their finances, there are lots of helpful tools online for example on the UCAS website itself. Better figure out how to boil that egg too."

What do you think - are parents to blame for sending their children off to uni without basic skills or is trial and error the best way to learn? Leave a comment below...