World Alzheimer's Day - Faces of dementia

The Alzheimer's Society estimates that one in 14 over-65s is affected by the disease and is responsible for some 60 per cent of dementia cases in the UK.

World Alzheimer's Day
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A progressive and as yet incurable condition, Alzheimer's can have a devastating effect on the lives of sufferers and their families and carers.

This year World Alzheimer's Day, which occurs on September 21 each year, aims to raise awareness of not only the condition itself but also those who give their lives to supporting and caring for loved ones - the 'faces of dementia'.

Events will take place across the globe with sufferers and their families, carers, medical professionals and researchers helping to educate the public and challenge some of the common misconceptions surrounding dementia.

With over-65s now accounting for almost 17 per cent of the UK's population, Alzheimer's and its treatment may soon have serious implications for the NHS and health systems throughout the world and the event hopes to send a message to governments across the globe, raising the issue of how best to support both sufferers and carers.

In the UK, the Alzheimer's Society will be doing their bit to support the campaign and, whether it's by way of a monthly donation, volunteer work or a fundraising event, you can help.

Fun runs, walks, bike rides, swims and even parachute jumps take place across the country, each raising both money and awareness to help sufferers and carers - you might even consider organising your own event.

Alternatively, you can help by volunteering in your local area, even just a few hours can really make a difference.

For more information on the events taking place and how you can get involved, visit