Want to lose weight? WeightWatchers is 'more effective than GP's advice

New research suggests that WeightWatchers is up to three times more effective than a GP's dietary advice in helping slimmers to shift those excess pounds.

WeightWatchers classes work

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The simple points-based system employed by the famous slimming programme resulted in dieters losing twice as much as fellow slimmers who followed their doctor's advice.

In an international study, researchers followed the slimming attempts of 770 overweight adults from Britain, Germany and Australia - half attended WeightWatchers classes, the remainder followed their family doctor's advice.

After 12 months of dieting, the WeightWatchers attendees had lost an average of 6.7kg, while those taking a lead from their GP lost just 3.3kg.

At present, some 30,000 obese Brits are referred to WeightWatchers by the NHS each year. Though questions have been raised over whether the £6-a-pop weekly sessions should be funded by the National Health Service, others are fully behind the system.

Professor Nick Finer, a senior medical consultant at University College London Hospitals, told the Daily Mail: "This study shows that diets and dietary programmes do work. These important findings show that obesity treatment is effective and structured commercial programmes can enhance outcomes."

We should point out that WeightWatchers funded the study... but the researchers assured critics that the study was completely impartial.

What do you think - have you tried WeightWatchers and should classes be funded by the NHS? Leave a comment below...