Updated ebooks to include sound effects

The works of literary greats like Charlotte Bronte, William Shakespeare and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are loved by readers the world over. But apparently what the classics have been missing all these years is sound effects.

Ebooks with sound effects
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The latest technological update is set to bring an extra dimension to electronic books, with the addition of background noises.

Already available in the US, new releases by ebook firm Booktrack allow users to enjoy an "enhanced" reading experience with background noises designed to accompany the literary classics.

Avid Sherlock Holmes fans, for example, will be able to hear the rain lashing against a window, while Jane Austen readers can listen to the gentle clinking of china teacups during Pride and Prejudice.

And a Salman Rushdie novel, due to be released later this year, will come with a complete orchestral score.

The tech works by measuring the speed of each reader, moving the music or sound effects along according to each turn of the electronic page and is expected to be available on most tablet computers in the near future.

The idea is that added sound effects and background music will spark the interest of youngsters.

Peter Thiel, a co-founder of Paypal, is funding the innovation. He told the Daily Mail: "It's always exciting to witness the creation of a new form of media. The technology promises to captivate readers in a way that will seem intuitive in hindsight."

Somewhat unsurprisingly, others aren't convinced.

David Nicholls, author of the best-selling One Day, said: "This sounds like the opposite of reading. It would be a distraction."

What do you think - would sound effects add to your reading experience or do they defeat the point? Leave a comment below...