Divorcing couples fight over loyalty card points

The recession continues to cause problems for families throughout the country but it's also having an effect in the divorce courts.

divorce loyalty cards
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According to family law firm Pannone, it's no longer assets such as cars and houses that are causing friction between couples at war - they're no arguing over their Nectar points.

The firm claims divorces are regularly delayed by spouses rowing over who gets the air miles or Clubcard points and the subject of how they are split of often a "deal-breaker".

Partner Ed Kitchen said: "Establishing a fair divorce settlement involves calculating what someone will lose out on as a result of not being married.

"Traditionally, that has meant considering things like pensions or health insurance. Now, though, people realise the value of points accrued through loyalty schemes."

It might seem petty to some but many families rack up some serious cash on loyalty cards - enough to buy electrical goods, holidays or even money off your weekly shop.

Mr Kitchen went on: "When you consider that it can cost several thousand pounds a year to pay for the family holidays and even discounted groceries that these schemes provide, it is perhaps no wonder that separating spouses are demanding either the points themselves or money in lieu of the points."

Every little helps, as they say.

What do you think - is it petty to argue over who gets the loyalty card points? Leave a comment below...