Watching Newsnight could signal marriage troubles

If you plan on settling down to an evening of heated political debate and Jeremy Paxman's sharp-tongued interviews, you may be inadvertently heading for marriage troubles. At least, if you're middle class.

marital problems
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According to the researchers behind internet blog, The Middle Class Handbook, staying up to watch Newsnight while your other half climbs into bed is a sign that all is not well.

The blog, which tackles other serious subjects such as "apologising for things that are not your fault" and the modern middle class father's obsession with luxury baby buggies, details the eight signs that point to middle class marital problems.

And Newsnight is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not having the energy to argue (and insisting nothing is wrong when asked) is a surefire sign that the romance is dying, while having nothing to talk about besides the kids means there's more than chatter missing from the marriage.

The internet guide also points out that couples who agree a night out isn't worth the cost of a babysitter, no longer pretend to enjoy a visit to the in-laws, or have long run out of sympathy when their partner moans about work, are all heading down for hard times.

Happily the blog doesn't just point out the problems but suggests a quick fix solution.

Advising on how to put the spark back into the relationship, it suggests: "A bracing walk on a beach in Norfolk or a long session with a Wallander box set usually does it for us."

What do you think - absolute nonsense or an element of truth? Leave your comments below...