M&S fortifies products with vitamin D to tackle rickets

Rickets might sound like it should be consigned to the history books, but a lack of sunshine means that many of Britain's children are at risk of developing the disease.

'Simply More' range, bread and milk, M&S
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The body needs sunshine to produce vitamin D, which causes a problem for those who don't get enough rays, especially in the dark days of winter. Experts believe that half of the population in England are low in vitamin D by the end of winter, while that number is as high as two-thirds for those living in Scotland.

Now supermarkets are hoping to play a part in improving the nation's health by fortifying everyday products with vitamin D (found naturally in fresh oily fish, liver and eggs).

Marks & Spencer launched its 'Simply More' range of everyday fortified essentials, which cost the same as their equivalent ranges, back in March. The range, which includes milk with added Vitamin D and Omega-3, yogurt shot drinks with pre and probiotics and a sliced white loaf with added fibre, is now being extended across much of the country in time for autumn.

Vitamin D deficiency is also the cause of brittle bones in the elderly and has been associated with a higher risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

M&S nutritionist Claire Hughes said: "We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to stay healthy and get their daily dose of vitamin D without having to worry about getting out in the sunshine."

What do you think? Should other supermarkets take the lead of M&S and fortify their products? Leave a comment below...