Children's birthday party ideas

In your day it was probably all about jelly, ice cream and musical bumps but if you are looking to throw your little one a birthday party to remember, there are plenty of options. From magicians to themed entertainment, outdoor or inside, here are a few tips for a successful day.

Children's birthday party ideas
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Hire a magician

Children marvel at magic and there are plenty of magicians who aim their tricks or sleight of hand at the youngsters. If you are looking to book one, it's an idea to chat to other mums who may be able to recommend an excellent entertainer but before you book anyone, ensure that they cater for a young audience! To tie in with the entertainment, add a simple magic trick to their party bags.

Face painting
Dressing up has always been a kids' favourite but face painting offers a fun alternative. Either hire a professional to turn out little animals, superheroes or cartoon characters or, if you've a creative eye and a steady hand, why not save money by doing it yourself. You'll need plenty of practice first, of course, and it's worth getting a friend in to help as it can be time-consuming. But the it's guaranteed to put a smile on the little ones' faces.

Bouncy castles
Go on, admit it... even adults like the odd bounce! A bouncy castle provides hours of fun for a variety of ages and, if you've got the space, will go down a storm at any children's party. Do, however, be sure to hire one from a reputable company. It is usually possible to have a professional from the company on hand throughout the party (often charged at an hourly rate) but if you decide against it, ensure that an adult is supervising the inflatable at all times. It's also worth letting the other parents know and get their permission to allow their child to take part.

Outdoor fun
If the birthday boy or girl's big day falls in summertime, why not make the most of the good weather and get all the children outdoors and active. It is possible to hire giant garden games from companies across the country - trampolines, snakes & ladders, water slides, Connect Four - whatever the age group, you'll find something to keep them entertained in the garden.

Themed entertainment
Does your child dream of being a fairy princess, a Pirate of the Caribbean or a High School Musical star? Then consider a themed party. Costumes, party packs and decorations are readily available centred around a variety of themes but if you really want to splash out, call upon a children's entertainment company. Many now offer themed parties, where the entertainer stays in character throughout and arranges games, songs and activities based on your chosen theme.

Have you got any unusual ideas for children's birthday parties? Let us know below...