Weekend garden projects for small spaces

Summer is here and many will be looking to make the most of the sunshine and warm weather by getting out in the garden.

Garden ideas for small spaces
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If your outdoor area is a roof terrace, urban courtyard or diminutive lawn, here are a few quick and easy tips to help you make the best of the space.

Crazy paving?
To instantly transform a tiny turfed area, why not invest in some paving? By adding a curved pathway to a long, thin space, you can create the illusion of more width and create an inviting garden. However, be sure to use small stones or cobbles to make the area seem larger.

Climbing the walls
Many small gardens, particularly in urban settings, are surrounded by walls. Yet these can prove a useful tool when it comes to planting. Climbing plants such as ivy and clematis can add colour and greenery to the space and blur the boundaries so you needn't feel walled in. They may take time to cover the area but plant this year and it won't be long before your urban garden is a green and pleasant oasis.

An outdoor room
If you dream of dining al fresco, entertaining friends or just catching a few rays, consider your outdoor space as an extension of the home. Tidy up that paved courtyard or patio, add some colour with a few well-placed pot plants and splash out on some fabulous garden furniture to ensure you are making the best of the space available.

Another level
Raised beds are particularly useful in small spaces - not only do they add another dimension but, where your garden is already paved throughout, they also afford you the chance to use those green fingers. Surprisingly easy to make, a raised bed is the perfect way to add plants to a paved area and can even be used as a vegetable patch.

Create an illusion
In a small garden, it's all about creating the illusion of more space and, just as you would in the home, mirrors can be used to great effect. Heavy duty weatherproof mirrors are available from garden centres and, with careful placement, can really open up a small space. For those surrounded by high walls, a coat of light, bright paint can also work wonders in terms of creating an outdoor oasis.