How to throw a Royal Wedding party

It has been 20 years since Britain last celebrated a Royal Wedding so the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton provides the perfect opportunity to get patriotic with a themed party.

Throw a Royal Wedding street party
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For a truly memorable occasion, you can't do better than an old-fashioned street party. It's a chance for the community to really come together in good spirit and good humour, and enjoy a knees-up that all generations can enjoy.

A traditional street party, of course, requires permission to close the road but those of you who have been organised will already have obtained permission from the local council's highways department (it can take up to 12 weeks for approval), applied for your Temporary Event Notice and, if you're planning a really big bash, considered insurance.

Alternatively, think about booking the village hall, which has the advantage of being under cover should the weather be unkind.

So now for the fun part. In the spirit of the big day, it's nice if the whole community gets involved - this way, you can avoid trying to recoup money spent by encouraging your neighbours to contribute drinks, food and supplies. Of course, it will take some planning and a neighbourhood meeting is essential but with each household bringing food and drinks to share, a good time will be had by all.

Since the party marks a historic British occasion, breaking out traditional nosh such as roast beef, bangers and mash or steak and kidney pie (not to mention all those favourite old puddings) is a great idea. But if hot food is too much hassle, why not opt for a good ol' British cup of tea with plenty of cucumber sandwiches, biscuits and cakes to go around.

Of course, party supply stores across the country and the world wide web are awash with Royal Wedding-themed bits and pieces.

Red, white and blue bunting is an essential for a big event and both outdoor and indoor versions are available from as low as £2.25 for a 30ft length. Alternatively, splash out on Royal Wedding Flag Bunting, featuring a picture of Wills and Kate, at £16.95 for 15m.

Union Jack flags are also a must - small hand-waving flags are as cheap as 35p each, while giant cloth Union Jacks (measuring 8ft x 5ft) can be bought for £16.

Amidst all the excitement, it's unlikely either you or your neighbours will be wanting to break out the fine china so turn, instead, to some patriotic tableware. Disposable table cloths, cups, napkins and Royal Wedding-themed paper plates are an excellent way to avoid breakages and make the inevitable clear-up a good deal easier.

And to keep young and old alike entertained, invest in some Prince William and Kate Middleton masks (£2.99 each) - guaranteed to put a smile on everybody's face!

Are you planning a Royal Wedding party? What are your top tips for a good time? Let us know below...