Spring fashion trends for 2011

Spring is well underway and both designer and high street stores will already be full of spring and summer clothing. So what are the key trends and hot looks for 2011?

Spring fashion
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This year, the 1970s are making a big return. From boho chic to '70s sophisticated, long shimmering dresses for the evening and high-waisted trousers with blouses for the daytime will be hot on the high street this spring.

Even bell bottoms are making a comeback to provide a little flair (pardon the pun) where skinny jeans are now so common. A similar antidote to super-tight jeans, wide leg trousers will also be hitting the shops, giving those of us without the figure for skinnies a chance to be on trend and comfortable.

Those who prefer a more fitted look than the '70s trends provide can rest assured that the accentuated curves and feminine look of the 1950s and '60s is just as stylish. Sheath dresses with below-the-knee hems and full skirts and dresses are perfect for the hourglass figure.

The maxi dress is back again this Spring/Summer but if you've been looking for something new, dresses with "tail hems", ie. longer at the back than the front, make for a more interesting but equally fashion-friendly alternative.

And for those of you with the figure to pull it off, the crop top is back for the hot weather.

Materials too are rooted in the '60s and '70s - lace continues to be popular but this Spring it will tend towards antique styling and detailing. Meanwhile crochet and macrame have also been seen on the catwalks with the emphasis on intricacy and quality.

Bold colours will certainly get you noticed this Spring - neons and citrus colours will be filling the shops and this will follow through to makeup and accessories, enabling you to brighten up your wardrobe staples. But pretty, flowery prints remain popular so if eye-catching colours aren't your thing, you can still be stylish.