Get your garden ready for Spring

Fingers crossed there is warmer weather on the horizon and with the coming of spring it's time to get the garden in order to ensure you're in full bloom come summer.

Spring gardening
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Just as you might inside your home, the first step to preparing the garden for the summer months is to have a good old spring clean.

Flower beds should be hoed or raked to aerate the soil and dead annual plants removed. With any necessary weeding done, no doubt many of you will have planted bulbs to brighten up the beds while you take the time to plan future growth.

Don't forget to prune your perennials to allow the new blooms to blossom without being strangled by tatty foliage... but spring-flowering shrubs should be left until they have finished blooming.

It is at this time of year that the soil in your garden will need a little extra love and care - during the spring your growing plants need plenty of nutrients so getting the soil right is of paramount importance.

A simple soil test will show you how balanced the soil is and which nutrients you might want to add, ensuring you buy the right fertiliser.

As a general rule, it is best not to plant in the garden when the soil is very sticky or wet. Take a handful and make it into a ball - if the ball falls apart quite easily, the ground is ready to its work.

If you are looking to plant new roses, berries or fruit trees, March is an excellent time to start.

Meanwhile lawns may not yet need mowing but it won't be long. Be ready for the first cut of the spring by removing any rotting leaves or thatch (dead, straw-like tangled areas) to allow for an even coverage of fresh new grass.

All garden centres sell a number of lawn fertilisers and any good member of staff will be able to advise on the best one for your particular lawn conditions.

With these simple early jobs done, the keen gardener can now settle into planning a long and hopefully blooming wonderful summer.

What's your top tip for early spring gardening? Let us know below...