Holiday prices soar for half term sunseekers

For the majority of families half term is the perfect time for a week-long getaway - unfortunately the holiday firms know that and a a new survey has revealed that price are being bumped up by as much as 269 per cent.

Holiday prices soar for half-term
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Figures compiled by Santander Credit Cards found that holiday companies are keen to take advantage of the half-term break, safe in the knowledge that parents will be forced to pay over the odds if they want to travel abroad.

The survey of breaks to the Canary Islands, Spain, Crete and Florida revealed that a stay in Gran Canaria cost over £1,000 more during half term, while in the worst example of holiday mark-up, a stay at the four star Rubicon Palace in Lanzarote would cost 269 per cent more at half term than the same trip taken two weeks later.

Across the board the average increase was 53 per cent.

Since schools now have the power to issue fines to parents who take their children on term-time holidays, the travel companies effectively have families over a barrel.

These huge increases, at a time when families are already trying to cope with soaring utility bills, means parents have one of two choices - either ditch the sun, sea and sand for a staycation, or risk a fine by taking the kids out of school for a break.

And since the fine from the school is just £100 (or £50 if paid within 28 days), it is little wonder that many parents are prepared to choose the latter option - fine or no fine, the saving they make on an off-peak holiday may be just too tempting.

What do you think? Are you prepared to take your children out of school at term-time and risk the fine? Leave your comments below...