New Year celebrations around the world

New Year's Eve signals the biggest party of the year for many and celebrations take place all over the world as people everywhere wave goodbye to the old and welcome the new. If you fancy the idea of doing something new and exciting this year, why not consider celebrating the start of 2011 with a trip you'll never forget.

Fireworks at New Year
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New York
New Year is perfect for the city that never sleeps - millions gather in Time Square to watch the ball drop as the clock strikes midnight, and the ticker tape, noise and party atmosphere is something to behold. For those of you who look forward to their New Year celebrations, it's a must-do.

Niagara Falls
A venue that is spectacular enough in its own right, Niagara Falls provides the backdrop for one of Canada's biggest outdoor New Year's Eve parties. Over 30,000 people gather at Queen Victoria Park to eat, drink and be merry - the Falls are illuminated as part of the Winter Festival of Lights (more than three million over a five-kilometre route), and the combination of fireworks and Falls will be something you'll remember forever.

Kitzbühel, Austria
It might not be your first port of call for New Year, but Kitzbuhel is a magical setting for celebrations. Horse-drawn sleighs, complete with jingle bells, clip clop past through the medieval town on cobbled streets. And at the famous ski race course, the crowds gather to drink hot wine, watch the fireworks and welcome in the New Year as skiers take to the slopes with torches.

You can expect more than a wee dram come Hogmanay in Edinburgh. A torchlight parade wanders through the city, live music abounds via DJs and outdoor bars and, following the castle fireworks and the singing of Auld Lang Syne, there's a kissathon to finish off the evening.


For the hardcore among you, Sydney is the place to be - not because the fireworks are so spectacular or the parties, music and restaurants so many and so varied (though they are mighty impressive) but because, if you're quick enough and have the cash, you can see in the New Year in Oz and then catch a flight to another city and welcome the new year all over again.

Rio de Janeiro
One of the joys of celebrating the new year in the Brazilian city of Rio is that you can enjoy the warm summer sun. This eccentric and colourful city celebrates like no other - thousands gather, dressed in white, to throw flowers into the water for good luck and then the party begins in earnest - and it doesn't stop until, well... your stamina runs out!

Where did you spend your most memorable New Year? Let us know below...