British Airways bumps up fuel charges in 'stealth' price rise

If you are currently saving the pennies for your holiday abroad next year, there is bad news from British Airways. The airline has announced that it will be increasing its fuel charge on long-haul flights by £10... and that's payable on both the outward and return leg of your journey.

A BA plane lands at Heathrow
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The rise means a family of four will now have to find an extra £80 if they plan on getting away next summer.

As of tomorrow, passengers who book with BA can expect to pay a total charge of £63 each way on long-haul flights of less than nine hours, and £76 each way for longer journeys, substantially bumping up the cost of a family holiday.

It's all to do with the rise in oil prices, says BA... it's just a stealthy price rise, say critics.

The Air Transport Users Council condemned the surcharges, telling the Daily Mail: "We think fares should be all-inclusive. Passengers don't need to know what goes into making up that price."

Travellers have already been hit by a 55 per cent increase in Air Passenger Duty, which is payable on all flights leaving the UK, and this latest price increase will make travelling to the US, the Caribbean or Australia less and less appealing.

So while the airlines continue to draw us in with their fabulous deals, the end price is almost always considerably higher.

Who's for a staycation next year?

What do you think? Should airlines simply provide an all-inclusive price? Leave your comments below...